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What Is Genes In Life?

Genes in Life is a place to learn about all the ways genetics is a part of your life. On this site you will learn how genetics affects you and your family, why you should talk to your healthcare providers about genetics, how to get involved in genetics research, and much more!



About Us

The goal of Genes in Life is to answer your questions about health and genetics. If we cannot answer them, we will show you where to go to get the answers you need from other places.



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The information on this site is from many trusted sources. The photo above includes people from health agencies and clinics, advocacy organizations, public health programs, and more whose programs and expertise contributed to our content.


Genetic Alliance

Genes in Life was created by Genetic Alliance, a nonprofit organization founded in 1986 and based in Washington, DC. Genetic Alliance is a health advocacy organization committed to transforming health through genetics and works to connect consumers to the smart services they need to make informed decisions about their health and healthcare. Genetic Alliance's network includes more than 1,200 disease-specific advocacy organizations, as well as thousands of universities, private companies, government agencies, and public policy organizations. For information on funding for Genes In Life, please visit our sponsors page.