Revolutionizing Genetic Screening and Education

As Jewish American Heritage Month comes to an end, the Center for Jewish Genetics is also wrapping up a yearlong Impact Award from Genetic Alliance. The Center is one of seven Impact Awardees funded to expand upon their existing outreach and education programs and demonstrate a significant increase in access to genetic services.

The Icing on the Genetic Cake

The “nature versus nurture” debate regarding how much of “you” is determined by genetics and by your environment is just as good as any classic argument -- coke versus pepsi, the chicken versus the egg, and Chicago-style or New York-style pizza.

Thanksgiving is Family Health History Day!

Each year Thanksgiving is named Family Health History day as part of the Surgeon General’s Family Health History initiative

PKU Gourmet

We asked our consumer advisory group to share their experiences with genetic testing. This consumer shares his daughter's experiences with PKU.

Dissecting Deadly Delays in Newborn Screening

The states’ newborn screening programs are vital to the health of our country’s children. Learn more about how the Minnesota Department of Public Health keeps this important system running smoothly. 

Carrier Screening is About Ethnicity, Not Religion

Cultural differences mean more than celebrating different holidays or having different family recipes, they could mean a difference in genetic predispositions.

Using Genetics to Prevent Cancer

You share a lot with your family, including what can make you sick. Cascade genetic screening can help catch certain hereditary conditions in their tracks by allowing to early and preventive care.

How to Prepare for Your Child's Genetic Counseling Visit

If your pediatrician has suggested that your child see a genetic counselor, there are a number of things you can do to prepare for the appointment. This list can also apply for adults who are seeking genetic counseling themselves.

Considering Genetic Counseling for Your Child

A genetic counselor can help with genetic testing, interpreting the results, and helping you to plan your next steps, no matter the results of a test. Read on to learn morn more about visiting a genetic counselor.