Blog Posts for November 2013

#GreatChallenges A Discussion on Genomics & Medicine

TEDMed hosted an online discussion with Dr. Eric Green, Director of the National Human Genome Research Institute, and several other leading experts on genome research, ethics, and genomics use in patient care. Click here to watch!

The Human Genome Project: Then and Now

The Human Genome Project was a remarkable feat in the world of genetics.  How did it happen and how is it shaping genetic research today?

Behind the Sequence

What exactly is a whole genome sequence?  This blog post goes behind the sequence to explain what scientists are looking at when they sequence a genome and how they can use the information.

Let's Talk About Whole Genome Sequencing!

Through the end of December, the Genes in Life will be putting the spotlight on whole genome sequencing! Keep coming back for blog posts on science, technology, and everything in between.