Blog Posts for February 2014

Be Bold Wear Gold!

The newborn screening program marked its 50th anniversary in September of 2013. In honor of this monumental event, Baby’s First Test launched a campaign to spread the word about the importance of newborn screening.

What if my child receives a diagnosis after follow-up testing?

Receiving a diagnosis after follow up testing can be very scary, but a healthcare provider will be able to help parents and family plan a course of action to give their baby a full and happy life.

Which Conditions Are Screened For in Each State?

Newborn screening is a state-based public health program. Some conditions are screened for in all or most states, but there are some significant differenences among the states.

What Is Newborn Screening? Part 2

Why do babies need newborn screening and what does it mean if the results are abnormal? Read on to learn more!

What Is Newborn Screening? Part I

What does newborn screening test for, and why do babies need to be screened? What does screening look like and how does it work? Read on for the answers to these questions and more. 

Screening Through the Life Course

Introducing the Genes in Life spotlight on screening through the life course! For the next two months, the Genes In Life Blog will cover newborn screening, pediatric screening, and cascade screening. Keep checking back for more!

Considering Carrier Screening

You might be at risk for passing on certain rare genetic conditions to your children based on your ethnic background. Learn more about carrier screening and what you can do!

Medications and Family Health History

Family health history plays a role in all aspects of your health and healthcare, even reactions to certain medications.