Behind the Sequence

What exactly is a whole genome sequence?  This blog post goes behind the sequence to explain what scientists are looking at when they sequence a genome and how they can use the information.

Let's Talk About Whole Genome Sequencing!

Through the end of December, the Genes in Life will be putting the spotlight on whole genome sequencing! Keep coming back for blog posts on science, technology, and everything in between.

Considering Carrier Screening

You might be at risk for passing on certain rare genetic conditions to your children based on your ethnic background. Learn more about carrier screening and what you can do!

Screening Saves Lives!

There are currently two million people in the world with one of three life threatening genetic diseases, and we have a screening method that can help save these lives!

Your Genes Are Not Your Fate

Your family health history and a few simple lifestyle changes can make a world of difference to your health.

Adopting a Healthy Attitude

What happens when you don’t know your biological family’s history? Many people turn to genetic screenings and genetic testing to give them a more complete picture of their health.

Adoption and Family Health History

Collecting your family health history can be difficult if you are adopted or do not have a close relationship with your biological family.  It may require some extra effort, but having a health history for yourself and future generations can be invaluable. Here are some options to get you started!

The Advocacy ATLAS: Accessible Tools for Leadership and Advocacy Success

We would like to take a brief break in our coverage of family health history to discuss a new resource for advocacy for individuals and families with special healthcare needs. The Advocacy ATLAS is an online toolkit to help individuals and families easily access quality resources on advocacy skills and strategies.

Organizing Your Personal Health Records

Be on the lookout for a Genes in Life blog post from Julie Dreese, a reporter for PennLive and the author of this featured article.This post has great first-hand tips for organizing health histories and personal health records for the entire family.

Medications and Family Health History

Family health history plays a role in all aspects of your health and healthcare, even reactions to certain medications.