Meet the Team

James O’Leary, MBA
Chief Innovation Officer, Genetic Alliance

James is a member of the Genes in Life team and the Chief Innovation Officer at Genetic Alliance. Over the past eight years, he has spearheaded projects that help individuals talk to their families about health, engaging community organizations, health centers, hospitals, employee wellness programs, and more. In addition, he led the development of, a website that lets you design and customize your very own guide to family health history with stories, pictures, and information that is relevant to your family or community.


Sharon Alexander, MPA
Assistant Director of Strategic Health IniProgram Manager, National Genetics Education and Consumer Network (NGECN)

Sharon manages a program at Genetic Alliance (NGECN) focused on creating new partnerships and resources for consumers (individuals with genetic conditions and their families) to access quality genetic services. By working with consumers and consumer groups involved with genetics programs in their states and regional areas, she hopes to understand what gaps in access and knowledge there are and how Genetic Alliance can help address those gaps. Her passion is in improving access to health and healthcare for individuals with disabilities and special healthcare needs and believes that doing so involves authentic engagement of individuals and communities.